Welcome to the Barbour Buff

Thank you for visiting The Barbour Buff, a place for opinions on goods made by the iconic British brand, Barbour, from a Canadian perspective. Although this blog is primarily focusing on Barbour, I don’t think you can discuss Barbour without including its complementary or “Barbour-adjacent” brands. I came up with the idea of this blog, quite ironically, while researching the “perfect” Filson bag on filsonfan.com. I loved the idea of having a place to express my opinion and review classic products from a brand with such history and recognition.  

There are three reasons I created this blog:

1. Since I discovered Barbour and built my collection, I’ve owned many different Barbour jackets. I’d like to showcase my passion for Barbour as a Canadian collector with a diverse range of enthusiasts all over the world.

2. When considering a Barbour jacket, I think there are good choices, and there are better choices. I want to share my experiences in buying and selling Barbour and Barbour adjacent fashion in the hopes that I can help others find the perfect piece for them.

3. There’s a growing appreciation for the Barbour brand. I’m fascinated by the different ways people style and accessorize their Barbour jackets.

I’ve mentioned this phrase “Barbour-adjacent” a couple of times, so allow me to explain what this means to me. I’m using Barbour-adjacent to refer to items that are natural fits to the Barbour style including knitwear, scarfs, boots, and so on. 

Join me on this journey while we review and reflect on the ever-growing appreciation for one of the UK’s most iconic brands.

Special thanks to Wax and Tartans for giving me the encouragement to start this blog.


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